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Come and say Hi!

Get ready for an unforgettable journey into the future at the Innovation Night, which you cannot miss! On 20 October, together with our partners, we will present the extraordinary achievements of Polish science and business. A real feast for the senses awaits you during the Innovation Night, full of free shows and workshops. You will have the opportunity to get to know technologies from behind the scenes and meet the best employers who are changing the face of our world. More at digitalfestival.pl

We would like to invite you to the official launch of the 5th edition of the Digital Festival, which will take place on Tuesday (3.10.2023) at the Central Technology House in Warsaw. The event will also see the premiere of the report "Technology in the service of society. Will Poles become a 5.0 society?". This is the fifth edition of the survey, which shows, the attitude of Poles towards digitalisation, new technologies and artificial intelligence.

Registration and confirmation of participation is required.

To wyjątkowe spotkanie kobiet nauki, biznesu i technologii, które podzielą się z nami swoim historiami, dorobkiem naukowym i wizjami przyszłości technologicznej świata, organizuje Fundacja Edukacyjna Perspektywy, a partneruje jej ponad 100 największych firm technologicznych oraz najlepsze uczelnie techniczne w Polsce. Fundacja Digital Poland jest również partnerem wydarzenia.

Mamy przyjemność zaprosić Państwa na prezentację raportu „Elektryczność 4.0 – tańsza, czystsza i stabilniejsza energia dla przedsiębiorstw w Polsce”. Podczas wydarzenia zostanie zaprezentowana największa w Polsce mikrosieć energetyczna, stworzona na Politechnice Świętokrzyskiej w oparciu o rozwiązania Schneider Electric. W wydarzeniu wezmą udział m.in. Jacek Łukaszewski, prezes Schneider Electric na klaster Europy Środkowo-Wschodniej, prof. dr hab. inż. Zbigniew Koruba, rektor Politechniki Świętokrzyskiej oraz Piotr Mieczkowski, dyrektor zarządzający fundacji Digital Poland, będącej współautorem raportu. Więcej informacji: [email protected]

How should companies put these capabilities into practice? At the first AI Meetup event, Dima Turchyn will present the latest generation of artificial intelligence models, including Azure OpenAI and ChatGPT. It's also an opportunity to network with experts. Note: you must register to attend the event.

Digital Festival 👉 1.10.2022 - 10.11.2022! Get ready for a few inspiring weeks filled with lots of interesting activities and events around digitalization, innovation and new technologies. We already strongly encourage everyone to join this year's Digital Festival. Why is it important? Digital Festival aims to popularize the benefits of new technologies among Poles. We invite everyone to cooperate!

The Economic Forum is the largest political and economic conference in Central and Eastern Europe. For thirty years of its existence, it has become a platform for exchanging views and shaping the opinions of leaders, one of the most important meeting places for political and business elites in Europe. For years the Forum has been the venue for important declarations on economic policy, and the opinions of its participants have been quoted by global media and discussed by expert circles. As a Partner of the event, the Foundation is preparing a number of panels and speeches on digitization and new technologies. During the event we will also discuss the latest version of the "Time for Digital Economy" appeal.