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Making Poland one of the Leading Global Digital Innovation Hubs

Making Poland one of the Leading Global Digital Innovation Hubs

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Digital Poland Foundation turns digital challenges into opportunities for the Polish economy. We position Poland as leading digital innovation hub by promoting cross-industry nationwide initiative and combine forces, connecting topics and creating networks.

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Nell Przybylska

Fundacja Digital Poland

Digital Shapers

Digital Shapers is a prestigious list honouring outstanding personalities of the digital world and new technologies in Poland. The Digital Academy selects people who have made an above-average contribution to the development of the digital economy in our country. The aim of the list is to promote digital competence through positive examples and to pay tribute to the achievements of outstanding personalities. Candidates for the title of Digital Shapers, must have a proven track record of outstanding achievement in the last year in one of 5 categories: education, digital transformation, investment, innovation and technology and visionary. For more information, visit the competition website: https://digitalshapers.pl/en

Fundacja Digital Poland

Digital Champions CEE

Digital Champions CEE is an initiative presenting the biggest technology companies from the Central and Eastern European region. The report provides a fair and transparent ranking of the true champions from the region, and the publication is accompanied by a series of meetings and interviews with digital leaders. Representatives of the region's most respected companies share their experiences and ideas for digital solutions.

Piotr Mieczkowski

Fundacja Digital Poland

Think tank and Research

We conduct research and advocacy on topics such as proper digital policy to support sustainable development or strategy for the development of new technologies in Poland. Every year we produce a number of articles and consult legal acts on the aforementioned issues. Together with partners, we create reports and educational materials to better understand digitalisation and new technologies in Poland. The reports and publications we create are always objective and factual. If you are interested in carrying out a study - write to us.


Fundacja Digital Poland


The Digital Poland Foundation together with 10 Senses invite you to a special platform for the promotion of the Polish artificial intelligence ecosystem - AIPoland! Its aim is to promote the Polish ecosystem of technologies based on artificial intelligence and to support cooperation between Polish and foreign entities in various areas, including the development of new initiatives and raising funding. Visit aipoland.org

Dominika Banaszkiewicz

Fundacja Digital Poland

Digital Festival

It is the largest edu-tech initiative in Poland, which shows how to make the most of the opportunities offered by new technologies. The festival is a chance to gain digital skills and practical knowledge. It is an event like no other in Poland. The date itself is unique and digital at the same time: 01.10-10.11. During the festival a number of events are held, such as the Innovation Night, free training sessions are organized as part of the SkillUp Academy, which allows you to gain knowledge, the Digital Discounts action promoting online shopping and a number of other initiatives. The event is addressed to the entire society.

Our latest report

Technology in the service of society. Will Poles become society 5.0? Edition 2023

From this report, you will find out, what knowledge Poles have about artificial intelligence, how they perceive it, whether they trust it, whether AI should, for example, be accelerated and who is leading the development, whether and how AI will affect the labour market, how AI should be regulated and whether women can work with AI.

In addition, as every year, you will get to know the pulse of the Polish society 5.0 - you will find out what are the strategic challenges facing Poland, the attitude towards technology and the willingness to use it.


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Electricity 4.0 - cheaper, cleaner and more stable energy for businesses in Poland. 2023 Edition.


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Take part in the most important ICT event in Poland of the first half of 2024 which we are co-organizing.

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Od początku stycznia trwa nabór do szóstej edycji Digital Shapers, inicjatywy organizowanej przez Fundację Digital Poland, która ma na celu wyróżnienie i uhonorowanie liderów cyfryzacji w Polsce. Na listę Digital Shapers co roku trafiają osoby przyczyniające się do cyfryzacji polskiej gospodarki, dzięki którym kraj na arenie międzynarodowej postrzegany jest jako innowacyjny. Digital Shapers, to liderzy w swoich kategoriach – zweryfikowani i docenieni przez branżę, w której działają.

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The 6th edition of the European AI Forum, under the patronage of the Czech Presidency of the European Union, will start on 15 December 2022.

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