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We know the winning artworks of the 4th edition of Digital Ars 2023/2024

🎉Discover the winning artworks in the 4th edition of Digital Ars created with the help of artificial intelligence!🎉

We know the winning artworks of the 4th edition of Digital Ars 2023/2024


Open Category

🥇 | Khrystyna Silina | „Trwałość pamięci”

🥈 | Tomasz Łuczyński | „Tryptyk Bolesny”

🥉 | Alicja Seweryn | „Znane obrazy”

People's Choice Award🎖| Tomasz Łuczyński | “Mona Lisa”

No Code Category

🥇 | Khrystyna Silina | „Ukraina”

🥈 | Michał Kuszewski | “Dzieciństwo 2024”

🥉 | Dawid Skinder | „PANiRAMA”

People's Choice Award🎖| Magdalena Wolak | “Vogue”

Metamorphoses Category

🥇 | Kajetan Szostok | „Animacja”

🥈 | Patryk Stępniak-Pater | “Splendor Revixit”

🥉 | Bartłomiej Smaka | seria obrazów

People's Choice Award 🎖| Alicja Seweryn | “Portrety origami”

🎉Congratulations to all the winners!🎉


For more information on the competition and the winning entries, see the special video.

#Exhibition 📢

A virtual exhibition will be launched in July, and in September it will be possible to see the works in an exhibition in Hala Koszyki in Warsaw. We would like to invite you to the opening today.

#Partners 🤝

We would like to thank our partners, without whom the competition would not have come to this point!!

Partners: CampusAI Poland, Ringier Axel Springer Polska, TVN Warner Bros. Discovery, Visa

Honorary Patronage: Academy of Fine Arts in Łódź, Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, Film School in Łódź

Media: ArtGallery, Onet Kultura, Player.pl, Ströer, TVN Warner Bros. Discovery

Thank you also to the jury of 25 people! Without your hard work we wouldn't know the best works!

#DigitalArs 🎨

Digital Ars is the first competition for visual arts and melodies created using AI. The competition is intended for teams and artists who create art using artificial intelligence (AI). The aim of the competition is to support the development of innovation in Poland by promoting the possibilities of artificial intelligence, educating the public by taming fears in the field of artificial intelligence and showing its new possibilities, as well as encouraging public dialogue about new technologies and their role in contemporary society.

Read more about the competition on its pages.

Autor: Fundacja Digital Poland