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The Modern Senior has been awarded!

We are delighted to announce that the foundation was honoured with the award for the best financial education initiative at the 12th edition of the Cashless Congress!

The Modern Senior has been awarded!

Our long-running 'Modern Senior' initiative at the Digital Festival has won recognition for its unique contribution to financial education for seniors, enabling them to take full advantage of digital financial tools.

Thanks to our efforts, among others.
👉 we have educated nearly 80,000 senior citizens, helping them acquire digital skills that enable them to use modern financial technologies safely,
👉 donated tens of thousands of copies of the "Modern Senior" books, providing seniors with practical and accessible educational materials,
👉 we have prepared special educational materials for Koła Gospodyń Wiejskich and Universities of the Third Age (UTW), supporting local communities in spreading awareness of digital finance..

This award is an honour and motivation for us to continue working towards building a digital society where everyone, regardless of age, can feel confident and safe.

We would especially like to thank our partners Visa and the Cashless Poland Foundation, without whom the project would not have been successful, as well as our volunteers and participants in the "Modern Senior" programme. Your support and involvement are the key to our success!

The award was collected on behalf of the foundation by Piotr Mieczkowski and Nell Przybylska.

Find out more about the initiative from our press office.

We also suggest you find out more about the Digital Seniors coalition, the largest in Poland, which we are co-founding.

Autor: Fundacja Digital Poland