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Elements of AI

Podejmij wyzwanie i przyłącz się do #AIChallenge


Digital Poland Foundation in 2019, during the first edition of the Digital Festival, initiated an action in Poland under the theme #AIChallenge. The initiative was partnered by the Information Processing Centre, National Research Institute and the Young Science Foundation, in cooperation with the navoica.pl training platform. The aim of the action was to familiarize Poles with the basics of artificial intelligence (AI). So far more than 10 thousand people have taken a course in artificial intelligence, and more than 20 companies have signed up for the #AIChallenge, declaring that they will train at least 1% of their employees.

In the spring of 2018, Reaktor and the University of Helsinki joined forces to help people take advantage of the possibilities offered by artificial intelligence, instead of being afraid of it. Together, they created the "Elements of AI" course, which aims to enable people from very different backgrounds to learn the basics of artificial intelligence.

"Elements of AI" in Polish is the result of a collaboration between the University of Helsinki, Reaktor, the European Commission, Jagiellonian University and the Digital Poland Foundation.

Free online courses from AI

"Elements of AI" is a series of free online courses created by Reaktor and the University of Helsinki. We want to encourage as many people as possible to learn more about artificial intelligence, what can (and can't) be achieved with artificial intelligence, and where to start when creating artificial intelligence methods. Courses combine theory with practical exercises and can be taken at your own pace.

The course is designed for people interested in learning what artificial intelligence is, where it comes from and what its applications are. The topics covered are described in simple language and illustrated with numerous examples, making learning easy and enjoyable.

The course is available worldwide, and graduates come from more than 170 countries. About 40 percent of the course participants are women. This is more than twice the average proportion of women taking computer science courses.

Post your certificate of completion on social media with the hashtag #AIChallenge!

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Ambasadorzy #AIChallenge

Aleksander Kutela - Council member photo

Aleksander Kutela

Andrzej Dulka - Council member photo

Andrzej Dulka

Andrzej Magdziak - Council member photo

Andrzej Magdziak

Andrzej Sobczak - Council member photo

Andrzej Sobczak

Piotr Ciski - Council member photo

Piotr Ciski

Sylwia Sysko-Romańczuk - Council member photo

Sylwia Sysko-Romańczuk

Anna Wujec - Council member photo

Anna Wujec

Bożena Leśniewska - Council member photo

Bożena Leśniewska

Jarosław Tworóg - Council member photo

Jarosław Tworóg

Joanna Pawlak - Council member photo

Joanna Pawlak

Joanna Pruszyńska-Witkowska - Council member photo

Joanna Pruszyńska-Witkowska

Katarzyna Wasilewska - Council member photo

Katarzyna Wasilewska

Marcin Petrykowski - Council member photo

Marcin Petrykowski

Marcin Tchórzewski - Council member photo

Marcin Tchórzewski

Michał Kot - Council member photo

Michał Kot

Michał Staśkiewicz - Council member photo

Michał Staśkiewicz

Ola Brzozowska - Council member photo

Ola Brzozowska

Patrycja Gołos - Council member photo

Patrycja Gołos

Paweł Gora - Council member photo

Paweł Gora

Piotr Nastaj - Council member photo

Piotr Nastaj

Tomasz Czechowicz - Council member photo

Tomasz Czechowicz

Tomasz Gawlak - Council member photo

Tomasz Gawlak

Tomasz Klekowski - Council member photo

Tomasz Klekowski

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