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Cyfrowy Kompas

Wypełnij test i sprawdź, do którego komitetu wyborczego jest Ci najbliżej.


What is Digital Compass?

Digital Compass is an online application which measures the convergence of your political views on new technologies and digitization with the election program and the opinions of election committees. The application aims to promote the issues of digitization and new technologies in the political and social space. Digital Compass shows the approach of particular electoral committees to the selected key issues which influence the life of Poles.

How does the Digital Compass work?

The quiz consists of 26 questions on digitalisation and new technology issues. When filling in the form, you have three options for answering the question: 'yes', 'no opinion', 'no'. In addition, you can use a short note explaining the essence of the issue raised.

Compass compares your answers with the programme assumptions and opinions of the election committees on the same issues and shows the degree of agreement with your answers.

Do the test in Polish by going to kompas.digitalpoland.org.

How were the questions selected?

Independent experts from the Digital Poland Foundation have prepared a series of questions addressing a broad spectrum of current and important issues related to digitisation and new technologies. The questions were created in consultation with a community of professionals, social activists and new technology enthusiasts. A set of questions selected in this way allows the voter to obtain answers to many important questions from the point of view of modern Poland.

Do the test in Polish by going to kompas.digitalpoland.org.

Who is the originator and organizer of the Digital Compass?

The creator of the tool is the Digital Poland Foundation - a non-governmental organisation, which is an impartial and apolitical entity whose aim is to promote digitisation in Poland. The foundation's mission is to make Poland a centre of global innovation. The technological partner of the compass is 4DMIND.

Initiative leader

Key partner

Piotr Mieczkowski

Fundacja Digital Poland

"Czas zainteresować się polityką. To od polityków zależy, jak szybki i bezpieczny będzie Twój internet; czy Twoja wolność w internecie będzie zagrożona I czy Twoje dzieci zamiast ciężkich tornistrów doczekają się obiecanych e-podręczników. Oczekujmy od naszych polityków rozwiązań na miarę XXI w."