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Digital Shapers: time to meet the leaders of digital change

It is high time to recognise outstanding Poles for their digital contributions. Digital Poland Foundation would like to invite you to a unique Thursday Gathering event, which will take place on 6 June 2024 at Venture Café Warsaw. The theme of the gathering will be "DIGITAL SHAPERS & ARS: THE AI EXPERIENCE SESSIONS".

Digital Shapers: time to meet the leaders of digital change

On 6 June 2024, the long-awaited announcement of the Digital Shapers List will take place. This unique event, organised by the Digital Poland Foundation, aims to distinguish and honour outstanding personalities who significantly contribute to the digitalisation of the Polish economy. The Digital Shapers list is the first professional list in Poland, which recognises leaders in the world of digital, innovation and new technologies.

The Digital Academy decides who will be included in the prestigious list of Digital Shapers. It is a group of more than 230 independent and prominent experts with an established professional position in the area of digitisation and new technologies, which grows by new Shapers every year. The chairman of the Digital Academy of the 6th edition of the Digital Shapers list is Dariusz Kwiecinski, CEO of Fujitsu Poland.

The high number of applications demonstrates the growing importance of digitisation in Poland and the many people who are contributing to progress in this field. Candidates had to demonstrate their achievements in one of five categories:

  • Education,

  • Digital Transformation,

  • Investment,

  • Innovation and Technology,

  • Visionary.

Digital Shapers&Ars

In addition to the Digital Shapers list announcement ceremony, attendees will have the opportunity to see the work of the Digital Ars winners and take part in inspiring expert discussions on artificial intelligence. Speaking topics will include::

  • Artificial intelligence in the arts - how can AI help the artist?

  • Successful implementation of AI in a company - how should the change be implemented?

  • Leadership in the age of AI - how is the role of leaders changing in the age of artificial intelligence?

We encourage you to register for this unique event, which will not only honour the best in the industry, but also provide inspiration and practical knowledge for all participants. This is a unique opportunity to be part of a community that is shaping the future of digital Poland.

Registration is available on the Venture Café Warsaw website: https://venturecafewarsaw.org/event/thursday-gathering195/

Join us on 6 June and be part of an announcement of the latest Digital Shapers list, which is changing the digital world in Poland!


Autor: Fundacja Digital Poland